Horoscopes and Astrological reports unique to you!

Personality Profile & Birth Chart: £22

Personality ProfileWithout doubt the first astrological reading you should consider. A horoscope or natal analysis is an interpretation of your personality traits based on the positions of the planets at birth. An enlightening and astonishing insight into the true you; this is where your use of astrology really starts.

  • Your natural strengths and weaknesses.
  • Opportunities and areas where success is most likely.
  • Undiscovered talents, and potential problems.
  • Areas of self-improvement; and how others see you.

Birth Chart: £11

A beautiful birth chart on premium quality paper, indicating all major planetary aspects at birth. A unique gift, but extra special for a newly born child; add this to their Christening album for later. Choice of styles, ready for framing.

Personal Forecast: £24

A detailed personal horoscope for the year ahead; the planets and movements are compared with their positions at birth. These transits give an accurate summary of what lies ahead. Astrology isn't a prediction, but it highlights when you are at your very best and when you are likely to be more vulnerable.

  • Highlights periods of opportunity when you will do well.
  • Indicates difficult times when you are more likely to experience setbacks.
  • Short transits will explain potential mood swings and behavior patterns.

Relationship Profile: £25

Relationship ProfileSome star signs naturally get on well, whilst others do not. Synastry compares the astrological factors of two birth charts and indicates areas of compatibility and conflict. This balance is very individual, and finding it can be the difference between a truly fulfilling relationship or a frustrating one. A fascinating insight into your future as a couple.

  • Identify areas of natural harmony and possible conflict.
  • Emotional, psychological and financial similarities and demands.
  • Long term success in love and aspirations.
  • Explains underlying traits and subtleties that are so important in relationships.

About Astrology Angel:

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We are a small team of dedicated astrologers working in the beautiful Lake District. We produce attractive, accurate and readable astrological reports that are worth keeping. Phil Wrigley, our head astrologer, has been writing professional horoscopes since 1987. Phil also has a masters degree in physics, but any relationships between the mechanism of astrology and modern physics are too long winded to discuss here! Go to Astrology Explained, where we briefly discuss timelines.


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